Your membership is designed to meet most of your healthcare needs. For services like emergency room visits, specialty services and other healthcare costs not included in our service agreement, patients are required to cover these costs themselves. We recommend all of our patients have sufficient health insurance to cover unexpected healthcare costs.

Yes. You can discontinue your membership at anytime for any reason without a penalty.  Please refer to the member service agreement for details.

A large menu of free or low-cost healthcare services is included with your membership. See the complete list of included services here.

Making an appointment is easy. You can either call, use our messaging app, or walk in and schedule it in person. Choose whichever method is most convenient for you.

Mint Health Clinics are available 24/7, including nights, weekends, and holidays for members. Please call the main phone number and you will be routed to the physician on-call. You can also use our private messaging app to communicate with your physician.

No. There are no co-pays or hidden fees ever. Transparency is important to us and therefore we try to make sure you are well aware of any charge you may incur for services beyond what is included in your membership.

Members will have the opportunity to chose the date in which the fee will be withdrawn from their checking account or credit card on a monthly or annual basis.

If you need care outside of a Mint Health Clinic, our team will help coordinate a referral to our preferred providers or to the specialists or imaging center of your choice.

Our physicians are more than happy to help you with your prescriptions. If your local Mint Health Clinic has an in-house pharmacy, your physician will be able to fill the prescription from their office at steeply discounted pricing. If your local Mint Health Clinic does not have an in-house pharmacy or they do not carry your required medication, your physician will send your prescription to your pharmacy of choice.

To transfer your records, simply contact us to request a records release form. Once completed, return the form to Mint and we will work with your current providers to retrieve your records.